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MY GROWING WORLD is beautifully illustrated and written to be both entertaining and therapeutic. It helps the child document their life and process the emotions associated with the many transitions they may experience.

Using a tree as a symbol of strength and whimsical characters designed to engage the child, each chapter addresses the needs of the foster or adoptive child. The activity pages are designed to not only be therapeutic but fun as well.


"I Am the Star" gives the child the opportunity to express how they feel about themselves.  

"My Roots" has lots of room to record birth family information, health history, and memories. Includes a ‘when things started to change’ page.

"Branching Out into Foster Care" provides several pages to record the details of each foster care experience. A ‘moving day’ page includes two stories of children moving into a foster home with space to write about their own moving day.

Finally, "Sprouting New Leaves," the adoption chapter, is for the whole family. It records memories of adoption day, and contains a commitment ceremony and candle ceremony. As an added treat, the chapter includes recipes for the new family to make together and create memories.

The Foster version contains everything in the adoption version except the adoption chapter, which may be added later if needed for $3.95.

Recommended for ages 6-10.

Printed on heavy-weight paper and 3-hole punched for use in a 3-ring view binder. A cover page is included to place under clear vinyl of binder cover. ~~ Binder is not included ~~