"A wonderful addition to the tools and techniques available...one of the best things in the field."
Kay Donley-Zeigler, Trainer/Consultant

book cover

The ONE AND ONLY ME starts with a fun, "All About Me Today" chapter, then moves sensitively through birth, foster and adoption information. A "Map of My Journey" allows for recording multiple placements. Ricky Raccoon helps to put sensitive or hurtful issues into perspective.


  • All About Me Today
  • My Birth Family and Me
  • People and Places on My Journey
  • Getting Adopted (only included in the adoption version)
  • Events and Activities

Contains a cover page that has space to paste a photo of the child, stickers, postcard, and one large Keepsake Envelope.

The Foster version contains everything in the adoption version except the adoption chapter, which may be added later if needed for $3.95.

Recommended for ages 6-12.

Printed on heavy-weight paper and 3-hole punched for use in a 3-ring view binder. A cover page is included to place under clear vinyl of binder cover. ~~ Binder is not included ~~