Adoption World Publishing has been providing therapeutic adoption and foster life books since 1993. The original owners, Donna Barnes and daughter Theresa McCoy, LBSW, authored most of our publications. Their love for foster care and adoption are reflected in their home, work and lifestyle. To see their full bio, click here

In 2015, husband and wife team, Mark and Susan Readnour bought Adoption World Publishing.

“We are thrilled to be small business owners. It is especially gratifying to know that our books aid in healing and coping during a difficult time. We see the value in the books that Donna and Terri authored and want to continue providing quality adoption and foster publications.”

Mark grew up in a household that fostered 35 children. Two of his siblings are adopted.

All of our books are produced locally, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We are proud to support our local economy.

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