A plan for aging out of foster care.

A workbook written for teens that will age out of foster care, Succeeding as a Foster Child encourages the teen to embrace the opportunities that foster care has to offer. Author Dr. Jamie Schwandt, a former foster child himself, used his life experiences and doctoral research to write this book.

Ten chapters guide the teen to effectively transition from foster care to independent living. Each chapter has 1-3 workbook pages.

  1. Positive Thinking
  2. Embrace Opportunity
  3. Positive Mentor
  4. Beat the Stigma
  5. Your Foster Care Benefits
  6. The Power of Education
  7. Get Out There!
  8. The Next Step
  9. Master Transition Plan
  10. Resources

Todays preparation determines tomorrows achievement. The focus of the workbook is planning for the future. As the teen completes the workbook pages they will create detailed goals with timelines, choose an education path, create a personal mission statement, gather personal information and important documents, have a plan for health insurance, transportation, housing, savings goal, and employment. A one-year strategy plan will help them attain all of their goals and successfully enter adulthood.

To keep the teen focused and organized, a weekly plan worksheet can be downloaded from our Free Downloads page.

Cover art: The aspen tree is symbolic of determination and overcoming fears and doubts. This tree serves as a reminder that with determination and deep roots of love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace we can overcome all hardships in life.

Meets state requirements.

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