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About My Growing World

I love the art as well as the sensitivity to issues. It is very well done. I can recommend to all families.
— L.M., Social Worker, Iowa

I was in the foster care system when I was young. Now I am a social worker and I work with foster children. I can view your new lifebook from both angles and I will be using My Growing World with all of my children. I know how important it is to keep track of connections made in your youth. The book is engaging and therapeutic. I wish I would have had this when I was young! Great Job.
—S.P., Billings, MT

YES!! This is a great new lifebook. The illustrations are amazing and the kids love it. They think of therapy as fun now and are ready to sit down with the book anytime.
—B. Gayle, Georgia

About our website

“I just visited your updated website, how nice. I found very helpful articles and I really like the free pamphlet I was able to download when I signed up for your e-newsletter. Good Job.”
— Denise S., Chicago, IL

“I love your new website. I no longer have to mail in my order. I can just order on-line. It was quick and easy”
— Deb F. Cedar Rapids, IA

“Love the new site! It’s the most user friendly tool I’ve come across; lots of useful information too! Also, the new cover for the Life Book is beautiful!  PS- Thanks for the free Positive Adoption Language pamphlet!”
— C. Underwood, Battle Creek, MI

“Adoption World’s website is fantastic. After placing my order via fax for the last few years, it was nice to jump into modern times and order via the website. The site was so interesting – I was especially captured by the Informational Articles posted under Parents’ Corner and Social Work/Therapists’ Corner.”
— N. Bird, LBSW, Seattle, WA

Book Reviews

Editor's Choice in the Spring 2010 issue of Foster Families magazine, "The book is interactive, giving opportunities for youngsters to document their memories of life before care, as well as their emotions." "Whimsical characters take the child through the journey, exploring different needs the child may have."

Comments from satisfied customers

After receiving a copy of "My Growing World: "I liked what I saw and placed an order."
— M.K., Minnisota

After receiving a copy of "My Growing World: "Loved the book and shared it with our parents at a recent training."
— D.R., Georgia