The REAL ME Teen Life Book has 3 chapters to help the teen explore and document their journey. For the young adult in foster care or adoption. 46 pages.

Who I am Today
This chapter contains pages that focus on who they are today. Where they live, their favorite activities, their talents, habits and feelings.

Where I Came From
Contains pages to document their birth parents, siblings, and important relationships.

What My Future Holds
This chapter explores the future and aids in making plans for adulthood.

Two Binding Options

  1. Printed on heavy-weight paper and 3-hole punched for use in a 3-ring view binder. A cover page is included to place under clear vinyl of binder cover. ~~ Binder is not included ~~
  2. The Real Me is available as a saddle-stitched book. The content is exactly the same but it doesn't need a binder.

Printed in the USA

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